Completed Projects

  • Uranium, Rare Earths Element and Rare Metal Exploration in Indian Subcontinent
  • Uranium Exploration in Madagascar
  • Rare Earth Elements In Idaho and Montana USA
  • Heavy Mineral Sand Deposits in Fort Dauphin Madagascar
  • Soalala Iron Deposits, Madagascar
  • Melaky Coal Deposit Madagascar
  • Bauxite Deposits in Madagascar
  • Bauxite Deposit in Guyana
  • Gold Exploration & Mining in Madagascar
  • Gold Exploration & Mining in Ghana
  • Gold Exploration and Mining in Arizona USA
  • Gold project in Guyana South America
  • Gold projects in Tanzania
  • Gold projects in Zambia
  • Gold Project on IB River Chhattisgarh, India
  • Gold Projects in Spain
  • Gold Project in Sweden
  • Resource Evaluation of Gold in Mine Tailing at Bemas Bulawayo and Mashava Area, in Zimbabwe. Metallurgical Testing of Gold and Flowchart Development.
  • Exploration and Evaluation of Gold Mines at Kofufu, Kpanda and Kotuma Areas, Mpanda in Southwestern Tanzania
  • Manganese in Zambia.
  • Gem Stone in Madagascar.
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration in Besalampy Western Madagascar
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration in Saint Marie offshore Basin Madagascar
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration in Cauvery Basin Tamilnadu
  • Hydrogeological Exploration in Western Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
  • Geotechnical Investigations for Paper Plant in Chhattisgarh, India
  • Mine Planning of Sonadih opencast Limestone Mine Chhasttisgarh for Lafarge India Pvt. Ltd. (Lease Area 444.763Ha, Under Rule 17(2) of MCR 2016.
  • Modification of Mining Plan for Palaspani Manganese Mine (Both opencast &Underground Mine) District Chhindwara M.P. for Krishnaping Alloys Limited (Mine Area 54.129) Under Rule 22(6) of MCR 1960 and 23(B) of MCDR 1988.

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